Though it may be difficult to make the drive down to Texas, it is our duty as Christians, Americans and overall human beings to help each other out. At Radiant Fellowship we are a very outreach oriented church showing the love of God to others in a tangible way. Lighthouse Family A/G in Galveston, TX. has that same mindset which is why we would like to bless them. The pastor has mentioned online that all of his personal stuff is gone. This church has many needs. Please
to donate to the church and mention the their name in the memo area. We will be sending that gift down to them. In weeks ahead we will begin sending them office supplies, etc. as well.

At Radiant Fellowship we have many pet owners and want to be able to reach out to our furry friends as well. Galveston Island Humane Society is doing a great work there. They are at capacity but are equipping other places and helping with supplies. Here is their latest Facebook update:

"The Galveston Island Humane Society is truly fortunate to be safe so far during this event. Thank you for your concern! The animals are being well cared for by caring staff and volunteers. Although our shelter is full and space is limited, we will do everything we can to go help people in need with pet food, litter, supplies, etc.
Through our Animal Services Supervisor, we were able to send supplies to the Texas City/Dickinson area to help them with a pop up temporary shelter until reinforcements arrive."
To donate to the Galveston Island Humane Society, please
and mention their name in the memo area. We will be sending an honorary donation to them in Waupaca's