In August, 2005 my wife, Tracy, and I against all popular advice and counsel, decided to restart this little church after being on staff at it a year prior. Now with 8 people and a mortgage it was go time. We didn’t have extended family or friends waiting for us, just a vision to start a different kind of church that related to people on their terms. We didn’t have all the answers to the questions people were asking. It was a fresh approach to church in a area that was becoming spiritually stale. What we did know, however, was enough to keep us going and enough to sacrifice an easy road for the cause— to be “accepting, real and relational.” We began with 8 people and 11 years later, Radiant Fellowship has attendees both in person and online in the US, UK, Canada, Indonesia, Turkey, Czech Republic, France, Philippines, Serbia and more. We’re a church with many expressions—hipsters and adrenaline junkies, accountants and artists, conservatives and liberals. The world is our gathering place with café tables, public benches and cubicles as our pews and conversations as our sermons.

Jesus was someone who stretched the faith of those around Him. He constantly dared people to see things differently, to act differently and to live differently. Rediscovering Jesus is not for the faint-hearted. There are difficult questions to be asked and dearly-held assumptions to be challenged. That being said, you’ll find a different culture here. We embrace risk. We are not afraid to try new things. We are not afraid to fail. We’re a real-life community on the move—humans living our human lives, making mistakes, experiencing triumphs and joy, doing the best we can with what we’ve been given, finding our next steps toward Jesus and helping others do the same. We’re a little bit of a paradox—constantly balancing between the foundational and the modern—sharing an ageless truth with inventive approaches.

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